5 Ways To Find Happiness Instead Of Getting It From Food

RelyDo you find food to be your only source of happiness? How’s it working out for you? Chances are, not very good. However, you’re not alone; millions of people around the world suffer from food addiction. Food addiction has nothing to do with being greedy, as some people may wrongfully assume; but rather a psychological condition that binds to food.

So is there any way out? Yes, absolutely. In fact, you should start implementing the tips below to find happiness in the real things in life, and not be held prisoner by food any longer!

Get In Your Workouts

Exercise is so much more important than making you look good. In fact, the health benefits are far superior, with looking good coming as a pleasant bonus. Exercise promotes the production of feel good brain chemicals, known as endorphins, which boost mood, productivity, and sense of wellbeing. In fact, exercise is a very important adjuvant in treating depressive illness, and may in some cases be the primary management technique.

For best results, get in your exercise sessions at least three times per week, up to a maximum of 5 times weekly. You will be surprised how good you feel after 6 short weeks of starting a new plan.

Re-acquaint Yourself With Nature

When is the last time you spend real time in nature? Living in a concrete jungle, we spend less and less time camping, hiking or just going for walks in the beautiful forests. Mind you, we’re not advocating you go get lost in unfamiliar territory, but a light walk in nature is sure to give you a deeper appreciation of the beauty in the world.

Better yet, how about picking up gardening? Knowing that you nurtured something from a seedling and watched it grow everyday can give you joy like raising a child. Knowing that you made a difference in the world may be all you need to break the psychological addiction to food.

Go Out With Friends

We know, sometimes you end up sacrificing friends for food, the selfish master that leads you down a spiral of depression. However, there is always time. Reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken to in week, months or even years.

You will be amazed how time flies when you’re out with you friends, and you won’t be held captive by food. In addition, you are likely to burn a few more calories than you would if you were just at home, and the memories you form from your adventures will give you pleasure for a long time to come. Not the short bouts of up, followed by severe downs that food is notorious for.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is no longer some obscure practice followed by just a few, but has spread to the mainstream population thanks to its proven benefits on health. Though the addiction to food is a real psychological condition, meditation can help you break the bonds by increasing your appreciation for other things in life, bringing profound happiness. Mindfulness increases, and you become truly happy and thankful for everything in your life.

Get A Pet

A pet can deliver tons of happiness in your life, motivating you to break free from using food as your motivation. Having someone (yes, your pet) that loves you infinitely is a powerful motivator of happiness, and works in most cases. Adopt a puppy or kitten, and you will have tons of fun and happiness for years to come.


Food needs to resume its true function- being used for fuel and subtle pleasure. It was not meant to become a source of happiness, and this may have been inadvertently promoted due to marketing of sugary junk.

Go live in the real world, and find your true happiness.

How to Make A Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

smoothiesIf you are wondering how to make a healthy breakfast smoothie, then we should probably nail down the definition of that word first. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a smoothie as …

“noun: a creamy beverage made of fruit blended with juice, milk, or yogurt ”

Likewise, Dictionary.com uses words like beverage, fruit, blender, milk, juice and yogurt, but adds ice. Anyway, you get the picture. A smoothie generally steers clear of using processed foods, sugar and other unhealthy components to make a thick, frozen, or at least cool beverage designed to promote health.

Breakfast Smoothie Step 1 – You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So if you are going to replace your morning meal with a smoothie, there are some things you have to be sure and include. Protein is important at breakfast and gives you energy and throughout the day.

People that eat protein during breakfast also tend to eat less all day long, leading to a more naturally regulated body weight. So you want to ensure you get some type of protein in your breakfast smoothie. Some great sources of protein for your breakfast smoothie include spinach, kale, collard greens and protein powders. The protein powder that I like to use is Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder, 2.05 Pound.

Breakfast Smoothie Step 2 – Adding fruit to your smoothies makes them taste great. It also delivers a lot of wonderful nutrients and dietary fiber. This regulates your digestive system, once again promoting a healthy body weight. Apples, mangos, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, pears, blackberries and pineapples are all great tasting additions to any breakfast smoothie. (You may also choose to add fruit through yogurt, but read the nutrition label carefully so you do not indulge in a processed, unhealthy product.)

Breakfast Smoothie Step 3 – You need some type of liquid base. Try to steer clear of dairy products as much as you can. The last few years, we are learning more and more that dairy products may not be as healthy as we once thought. Great traditional milk alternatives include soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk and oat milk.

For your liquid you also might want to choose orange, apple, grape or pomegranate juice. Just be sure to select sugar-free, healthy varieties, going organic whenever you can.

Breakfast Smoothie Step 4 – Mix! This is the easy part. Pour a cup or 2 of your liquid with 2 ice cubes into your blender and mix. Start slowly adding your protein source and vegetables. Add liquid as needed, and experiment with different combinations. The blender I use to make my smoothies is the Magic Bullet Mini, High Speed Blender and Mixer.

4 Tips for Making Exercise More Fun

ExercisefunIf you go to the gym because you think you have to, verses going because you want to, then maybe you need to put some fun into your workouts. These tips are guaranteed to make your workouts more enjoyable…

Find an Exercise Buddy

Some people are happy working out alone just listening to their music. They get enjoyment from not being disturbed by others.

However, if you are a people person and miss the interaction with exercising with a friend during your workouts, find an exercise buddy. It can be a friend you already have or somebody you meet from your gym. Just having someone to talk to when working out can add enjoyment to your workouts.

Vary Your Workouts

Like the old saying “Variety is the spice of life”, so is variety to your workouts. If you do the same thing over and over, day in and day out, you will get bored with it.

Instead, switch things up. Try a new exercise. Change up the intensity. For something different try a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine or if you always do cardio, switch out two days per week for strength training.

Also by doing the same thing over and over, your body gets conditioned to it and you end up not burning as many calories and you did when you first started. Doing something different kick starts your metabolism.

Set Goals

Some people can be happy exercising for the sake of exercising. For them it is not the destination, but the journey; they never care if they get to the end.

However if you are the type of person that not lonely enjoys the destination, but also needs something to work toward, then set a modest goal. Once you reach it, set a higher or different one. This way you are always challenging yourself to reach a higher level of fitness.

Get Outdoors

If you always exercise in a gym, try moving your workouts outdoors. Parks, walking trails, bike paths, all are good exercise playgrounds at your fingertips. Add some intensity to your workouts by trying new paths or trails on varied terrain. Not only will it challenge your body differently, but also your mind.  There is nothing as refreshing as smelling the fresh air, listening to the birds sing and soaking up the sunshine (getting your Vitamin D naturally).

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring unless you want it to be. Use these 4 tips to add fun to your workouts.

How to Burn More Calories With Shorter Workouts

BurnHave you seen the exercise programs which claim you can lose all of your unwanted weight by working out for very short periods of time? Well, for once there may be some truth in advertising. Physical fitness experts, doctors and personal trainers used to believe that long, drawn out exercise sessions were the key to burning calories and losing weight. They now know that is not necessary.

It’s All About Intensity

When you exercise properly, a 20 to 30 minute session can be more effective at burning calories than running for an hour or more. Recent research has shown that what we used to believe about exercise is simply wrong. In fact, intense exercise for more than 5 hours a week can actually lead to a shorter lifespan in some cases.

So, how do you work out less and burn more calories?

Jeanine Detz, editor of Shape Magazine, puts it quite simply when she states that …

“To burn the maximum number of calories in the minimum amount of time, focus on getting your heart rate up to a point where it’s challenging to talk, even if it’s just for a few seconds at a time.”

For those number crunchers out there, this is usually around 75% or 80% of your physical maximum. For an example, 20 seconds of burpees (a popular calorie burning body weight exercise) followed by 10 seconds of rest is a great way to burn the maximum calories in a short period of time. You repeat that cycle for just 3 or 4 minutes, and burn anywhere from 45 to 55 calories if you are pushing yourself.

Employ “Big Muscles” for the Quickest Calorie Burn

Another way to crank up your calorie burning, fat melting natural body process is to involve the bigger muscles in your body. Where are these located? In the lower half of your body.

When you involve your legs and rear end in intense physical activities that boost your heart rate, you burn more calories than when you use smaller muscle groups.

Jumping rope, circuit training and high intensity interval training are all excellent ways to crunch calories and fry fat with a minimal time investment. Just remember this formula – high-intensity exercise + short period of time = maximum calories burned per time investment. That means you can’t make the “not enough time” excuse for avoiding healthy exercise, and your benefit is maximum calories burned in the shortest period of time.

How to Cool Down After A Workout

CoolDownCooling down is a must-do at the end of every workout session. The purpose of cooling down is to get the body into a normal, stable condition after exerting it vigorously. A cool down session should be at least 5 to 10 minutes, or longer if the workout has been an especially tough one.

Step 1: The first step to take when cooling down is to gradually reduce the intensity of the exercise you are already doing until you reach a complete stop. If you’ve been walking, running, cycling or so on, just slowing down and taking deep breaths as you do so is enough to help your heart rate return to normal. Some exercise machines have a “cool down” function you can use so that the machine can gradually decrease the intensity for you.

Step 2: After your exercise session has come to a complete stop, it’s time to stretch out those muscles. After exercise your muscles are more elastic as they have been warmed up, so stretching them out at this point will increase muscle flexibility and also release the tension built up in them during exercise. Stretching should be done for at least 5 to 10 minutes for the best benefits, with more being better. Stretch out the major muscles in your legs, back, neck and arms as those are the muscles which would have been used the most when you were working out.

Step 3: The last step to cooling down effectively is to rehydrate your body. Exercise uses up your body’s water supply. Replenishing this water supply is important to reduce your body temperature and decrease muscle soreness. The amount of water you should drink depends on your body weight and how hard you’ve exerted yourself, so you have to be the judge.

Additional steps you can take to cool down include drinking a protein shake after your workout to replenish the supply of nutrients to the muscle and lightly massaging the muscles you have worked out. These are optional, but do help in reducing discomfort from muscle soreness.

Cooling down properly may not seem important but it’s a must if you’re going to exercise. Cooling down properly will help reduce soreness and help you make the very most of that workout – leaving you raring to go again the next day!