What is it all about?

Fun Fit Plan is a website that provides accountability to those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are new to exercise or just looking for a way to be more committed to a healthier lifestyle. I am here to help you.

WeighAre you …

  • Wanting to lose a few inches so your clothes can fit better or maybe lose a dress size or two
  • Wanting to lose some weight because you need to or because your last physical wasn’t too exciting and the doctor advised you to drop some weight
  • Wanting to get back into exercise but are not sure how or what to do
  • Wanting to get more energy so you can enjoy the outdoors, play with your kids or grandkids, or even just do regular day to day stuff without huffing and puffing
  • Wanting to look for a way get off the rut of depression and just releasing that stress of everyday life
  • Wanting to live a healthier or more active lifestyle

If you said yes to one or more above, then I am so excited for you because you have come to the right place.

Who am I and how can I help you?

cropped-IMG_4368.jpgMy name is Marie. And I was once like you. I was out of shape, tired all the time, lacked motivation and just didn’t love myself enough. After a life-changing realization, I started working out and making better health choices in 2010 and now I am lighter, healthier, and happier. If you allow me, I would like to be your fitness accountability partner. Learn more about me and my story by clicking on my about me page.

If you are looking for FREE fitness and health tips and motivation to getting into shape, make sure to sign up either to the right or the bottom of the screen. Just provide your name and email address and get ready to be motivated to become a healthier version of you. Make sure to visit the BLOG often as I will be sharing my favorite workout moves and healthy life style tips.

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